Today marks the release of Legends of Aria‘s New Dawn update, which adds free accounts to the game. As of today, players can create an account for free that will grant them access to (almost) all content in the game. Some things are still locked away, like home building and player-run shops.

In addition to launching the free accounts, the update also adds new warrior abilities, townships, new world bosses, new missions, and more. Players can join townships, reaping the benefits in trade. But they’ll also need to support their local militia — and perhaps even join up.

As for the new bosses, there are three of them, all featuring new mechanics and AI improvements. If the bosses aren’t enough, the update also adds plenty of new monsters throughout the world. Details on these, as well as the other additions in this update, are available on the Legends of Aria site.

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  1. I never comment on this webpage but if you think about playing this crap, just do not.
    I gave it a go today, it is unplayable. Not in that steam user sense where “everything is unplayable”
    I mean, not even movement works right, combat does sometimes work, in options you can change few things around, but that will make it only worse.

    It is worst game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played games that burned my computer down or mined bitcoin without my knowledge, all of them were more pleasurable experience than this.

    It is also p2w.


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