As Citadel Studios continues to prep the Legends of Aria Outlands update, they’ve decided to offer players a look at some of the new content coming their way. In their most recent blog post, the dev team introduced the Necropolis and the Hangman’s Tree. The former was an old adobe prision that later became a mass grave, while the latter is pretty much what it sounds like. People — or rather suspected necromancers — were hung there. Apparently there’s a bit of a problem with the dead rising from the grave.

The post gives players an small peek at the design process that went into creating both of these locations, showing early renders of both the prison and the tree. It also offers some insight into the development of the Necromancer class, which will also be making its appearance for the first time with this update.

As one might expect, the Necromancer has the ability to summon undead minions that will not only function as pets but also be made into useful sacrifices for defensive or offensive purposes during battle. Unlike most pet-focused classes, this is not one where you’ll probably want to name the pet. Of course, since this is necromancy we’re talking about, the whole thing comes at a cost to the Necromancer as well — who will need to rely upon their health pool to summon their minions as well as use various abilities. More information on that is available on the Legends of Aria site.

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