When the current season in Legends of Aria comes to an end on July 8, it will take Militias with it — at least for now. Citadel Studios dropped this bit of news in a post on the game’s site recently noting that for the time being they want to concentrate on other areas of PvP like Chaos Zones and the new Arena League.

Arena Leagues will arrive with Point Release 10: The Frozen Tundra with players being able to find the competitive arena in Pyros Landing. There they can compete in 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 combat with each player earning ranking for every tier they’re involved in. As you’d expect, high ranking players will receive unique titles and mounts at the end of the arena season.

If you’re sad about Militias going away, just remember that the post says the move is temporary. Of course, it does not specify when they’ll return. So, those of you who enjoyed it will just need to keep an eye out.

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