Legends Of Runeterra 2023 Roadmap Announces New Quarterly Content Cycles, Offering A Variety Of Updates Each Month

2023 is shaping up to be a year of new additions and changes to content distribution.

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Legend of Runeterra Roadmap

In the latest roadmap blog for Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games announced a new quarterly content cycle that will keep the developers on track to deliver various updates each month in 2023. The release cycle will ensure players get new cards to experiment with often and plenty of game balance patches.

Riot broke up the quarterly release cycle into three sections: "Expansion," "Live Balance Patch," and "Variety Set." Expansions will bring new champions and mechanics to the game. This year will see returning and fan-favorite additions and provide glimpses into the world of Runeterra.

Live Balance Patches are focused on balancing Runeterra but will also open the door for the community to give feedback on improvements to ensure the game is in top form. Variety Sets are a bit unique, sitting somewhere between a mini-expansion and a quarterly booster pack. These specific patches will come with a full balance patch alongside new cards.

Runeterra Inforgra

As for the current roadmap for this year, Riot explained being more consistent with content, hence the quarterly cycle rotation. For 2023, players can expect a new competitive structure soon, which they plan to discuss further on January 31st. In the future, exclusive rewards for those participating in the Beta Season will be available. Path of Champions will see new items, champions, and balances to relics, and a new Standard format is on the way.

The team is also exploring some ideas for features that could benefit players based on recent feedback, but the devs refrained from discussing them in their announcement. You can learn more about their initiatives on the Legends of Runeterra website.

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