On July 16, Nexus Division will be relaunching their Action MMO Legion: The Eternal War. The improved version of the game will offer everything from improved tech intended to offer players a solid server infrastructure to play on to new quests, items, monsters, and more.

An interesting thing of note for may players will be that the devs have a pretty tight update schedule planned. Every Thursday at 3PM Eastern, they intend to drop a new update. That said, they have reduced the scope of the game in order to assure things go smoothly. Instead of content drops burdening players with a lot of unfinished things, the devs intend to work on one feature at a time to make sure it’s right.

If you’d like to check out Legion: The Eternal War when it relaunches, be sure to keep an eye on the game’s site.

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  1. The development team does a very good job at responding directly to private messages and suggestions on the discord. Hoping others will come and contribute ideas towards the game!

  2. I am apart of the development team, we were trying to raise money to help crowdfund the project, sorry if you felt that being asked to help support based on your interest seemed fishy. Apologies for the misunderstanding. We have asked many community members to contribute towards the development without any comments towards being bothered. It’s more about trying to make things happen faster for the development.

  3. I once made the mistake to join the Discord, then the developer of the game started chatting with me for whatever reason, I don’t think it was I who initiated the chat, more like him. What gave me a negative impression was the developers was urging me, literally begging me to pre-purchase a founders pack for the game and that kind of turned me off from the game altogether, I even went as far as to leave the Discord and block the developer so he stops bothering me.

    After that I always regarded this project as something relatively fishy. Get involved at your own risk.


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