Wizards fighting other wizards with magical spells, fireballs, and more in a destructible environment…If this sounds like fun to you, then you’ll want to check out a new artillery tactics game on Steam, aptly titled “Wizards”. The game is free to grab right now via Steam, despite currently being in early access. It offers players a variety of spells to use in combat and provides them with randomly generated terrain in a destructible environment to do battle on. Spells can range from the classic fireballs to summoning the undead. Wizards allows for both online PvP and co-op, allowing players to take each other on in 1v1 matches or in teams.

As noted, the game is in early access. It also appears to boast a one-person development team, Tyler Hasman. It doesn’t take up much in the way of system specs and looks to be fairly casual. So, it might be just the thing for those looking for something to do in between other things.

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