Blackspot Entertainment’s military-and-magic shooter Line of Sight is now fully free-to-play on Steam. This follows the game’s launch on Game & Game’s platform in December, when it was stated that a “little more time” was needed for the Steam launch.

Maybe a little more time is still needed. The statement on the game’s Steam blog isn’t exactly overflowing with confidence.

We are officially releasing Line of Sight on Steam as F2P. Everyone waited so long and we been working hard for this day.

Regardless of the outcome, we are very proud that we pull it off against all odds we faced as small independent developer.

We know Line of Sight wasn’t perfect and we worked really hard to listen to the community to improve the game. Without our supporters help, it would’ve been very difficult, if not, impossible to release the game.

We are still far from perfect right now either, but if you take a look what we did in the past, you can probably believe that we will continue to improve the game with the same dedication. But to improve faster pace, we ask you to continue to support us.

You don’t need to be a PR expert to realize that these guys really need a PR expert — ideally one that speaks English. Still, Line of Sight is out there in the wild for everyone to try. Even if it’s awful, which the devs have basically said might be the case.


    • You know why i prefer f2p games? For example let’s take Warface vs cs.go. Next update in cs: new skins, chests. Next update in warface: guns, map, fixes, maybe new game mode. And there is no “progression system” in cs:go. It’s like you playing Quake 3 but i really enjoy to achieve something like to buy new gun or try new map. F2P still best thing for me.

  1. From the trailer it’s pretty obvious it needs work before it can become successful. But I would need to check it out myself before seeing how much work it would need but I unlikely will since I don’t use steam anymore since I don’t hardcore game now. But I might have to agree with curst it might be too late for them to go F2P I checked out their steam page already alot of hate on the game for items being prices to high and my guess it was probably unfinished like curst said. Going F2P now is probably the smartest thing they can do but since they are at full launch there isn’t much they can do except try to improve the game as quickly as they can before it’s to late to recover from the reviewers who spoke about the problems on the steam page. But off topic I’ve seen a few games like this releasing and missing lots of stuff and being heavily paid 2 win it just made people angry at them and post negative reviews on their steam page. Hopefully Line of sight can pull it off and recover but from what I’ve seen I doubt they can but all I can say is I wish them luck.

  2. Their definition of “pulling it off” must be extremely generous. The game has failed as a buy to play title* and now it may very well be too late for them to go F2P.

    *That happened partly because it was missing lots of stuff and people are more harsh towards B2P games at release, and partly because it was kind of built like a free to play game. In other words, it was an unfinished B2P game that had all the F2P limitations and none of the B2P niceties.


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