Live Now: CrossfireX Introduces A New Team Deathmatch Map For Modern And Classic Modes

Coming with the content patch is a new Play Event, gameplay changes, and more.

Anthony Jones
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CrossfireX Valley Map

Today, Smilegate Entertainment's multiplayer first-person shooter CrossfireX debuts a new Team Deathmatch map for Modern and Classic modes called the "Valley." The map will have players face off on a steep and rocky crevice high above a river of lava as they fight through underground tunnels and take twisting pathways across a dangerous chasm

The new map isn't just a nice content throw-in, though. Players can gain up to 20,000 GP for completing ten matches on Classic and Modern Valley. And to celebrate today's content patch, a new Play Event is going strong for a while. By finishing seven matches across any mode during the event, players will receive a SUPER V Nomad weapon skin for their participation.

There are also some gameplay changes implemented today that address feedback from the community. For instance, the pre-round timer was reduced for the GR Tower and Mexico maps alongside improvements to in-game map positioning and view to support better player movement while the map is displayed. Additionally, the "Kill Streak" system has been removed from all Modern modes since it was proving to lack impact and wasn't offering much satisfaction. The devs will explore options to revamp the system, but there's no guarantee it'll return.

You can read the patch notes on the official CrossfireX website to learn more about what's new in the game.

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