Lost Ark May 2024 Update "Chaos Rising" Is Bringing New Events, Trial Hanumatan, And A New Western Region Skin

The full Eye on Arkesia video for your eye holes.

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Lost Ark May 2024 Update

The Chaos Rising update for Lost Ark will launch on May 25th, but it'll be a bit lighter in content due to players still working on the previous raid. What is coming includes Chaos Rifts where players can enter to defeat hordes of enemies and earn Wishful Embers. The Trial of Hanumatan is also coming, but will be slightly different from previous Trial Raids. There will be multiple difficulties and first-time clear rewards. Patch notes for Chaos Rising will be coming on May 24th for the MMORPG.

Also coming in the May update will be the Magical Enchanter skin set, the second-ever set of skins designed specifically for players in the West, and will be exclusive to the region for some time before being released to the rest of the world.

A new episode of Tavern Talks will be out on May 28th, where you'll meet two first-time team members on the show.

You can watch the full episode of Lost Ark: Eye On Arkesia below.

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