If you’re planning to play a lot of Lost Ark — I’m looking at you, Zach Sharpes — and also create a bunch of content about it — I’m still looking at you, Zach! — then you’ll be pleased to know that the creator program for the game is looking for recruits.

Amazon and Smilegate have kicked off the Lost Ark Creator Program, which is open to anyone who calls themselves a “streamer, video host, wiki author, writer, artist, fan site admin, guild leader, or gaming mentor.” You can sign up for the program by clicking the link at the bottom of the announcement page. If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll receive giveaway codes, exclusive swag, social media promotion, access to special events, and more.

What are the requirements for being accepted into the program? First, you’ll need an Amazon account, which you’ve probably already got — and if you somehow don’t, you’ll probably need one to access the game when it launches anyway. You’ll then be asked various questions about your social media presence and gaming background, such as the games you create content for, your number of followers, and whether you’re a guild leader.

There’s no mention of how big a presence you need to qualify, so expect a number of “That guy got in the program and I have more followers than him!” complaints down the road. The only guidelines you’ll find are that you need to be passionate, productive, engaging, and respectful, though I’d imagine that last one would go out the window if some big streamer who tends to disrespect (ahem) people decided he wanted to be a part of the program.

Lost Ark will release later this year for North American and European audiences.



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