Lord of the Rings Online players have been wanting to get to Mordor for over nine years now, and that moment is tantalizingly close. As revealed by YouTuber Andang, a cinematic video on the Public Test Server displays the Black Gate, in all its sinister glory, in a flythrough cinematic at the end of the next update’s epic story.

That’s some pretty impressive architecture, which has always got me thinking how, in fantasy works, there are these amazing buildings and structures that stretch not only the bounds of physics but also the limits of one’s design capabilities. Sure, you could say they remain standing due to “magic,” but what about their design aesthetics? Do evil overlords really have that kind of eye for detail and interior/exterior design? Especially for their remote and isolated bases, where it would be difficult even for evil or sufficiently mercenary designers to access and transport the raw materials required. Or maybe orcs just really love watching Martha Stewart.

So yeah… the Black Gate! Impressive, isn’t it? The LotRO engine may be a bit on the old side, but Turbine can still deliver some big moments with it every now and then.


  1. I played a lot of this game previously.
    The most taunting thing about this game is the character controls, adding more fluididity(not a word) would make this game so much more perfect.


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