If your “pew pew” in The Lord of the Rings Online is just making you say “peeeew” — as in the stinky kind — lately, you’re in luck. Hunters are getting a DPS buff in today’s patch update, which should help players take down Sauron’s minions from afar with greater ease.

Today’s patch notes are filled with hunter buffs, ranging from damage increases to lower cooldowns to greater focus generation for melee attacks. All three trait lines see substantial changes, with bow, melee, and trap skills all getting the once-over, mostly for the better.

The rest of the patch notes are the usual smattering of changes to other classes and bug fixes. My favorite: “Fixed some hobbits in the Shire who were partially invisible.” I knew that the nasty hobbitses were sneaky, but I didn’t think they were that sneaky.



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