The Lord of the Rings Online is turning 13 years old and has free gifts to give out to its Premium and VIP players. If you’re a completely free player, that means you’ll get left out in the cold, gift-wise, which is a bit of a Smaug-guarding-his-hoard kind of thing to do. At least all you need to be Premium forever is to make one purchase, so maybe it’s not that miserly.

If you do qualify, you just need to log in between April 23 and May 20 to receive a character frame, title, and items dependent on how many years that character has existed. There are gifts for both Free People characters and Monster Play characters, and at the high end of things, you’ll receive a Mysterious Celebration Pig cosmetic pet. No, you can’t use him to make pork chops or bacon.

If you’re not currently a Premium or VIP player, you can become one during the celebration period to receive the gifts. For more on the 13th Anniversary Celebration, including gift boxes for all years of the event, check out the LotRO site.


  1. The game’s not worth it anyways.

    Servers are laggy unless you live in NA and this makes the game completely unplayable.
    The game client is archaic and unoptimized resulting in massive stuttering when new content is being loaded.
    Gameplay-wise it’s just an overrated WoW clone with the generic WoW-type of kill/fetch time-waster quests.

    Fora a premium Middle Earth game it’s the epitome of a successful scam where the victims develop a Stockholm syndrome and actually enjoy being scammed and praise the ground the developers walk on.

  2. Subbing is such a awfull thing, the constant payouts each month tears away at players bank accounts, these older games devs need to stop taking monthly subs and start giving back.
    Even Wow is a parasite bleeding away at every possible avenue, with sub, shop and all. We do not hear of blizzard of any other super rich game dev donating all their profits this year to help with this deadly virus instead they just want to get more out of us.
    I think all mmo game devs that feel they need payments should only ask for a ONE OFF PAYMENT or hold a shop in game if its set free to play.
    Game devs need to stop taking money willy nilly off players for the sake of it because they know they can and hold us to ransom because we want to play in it. Sony is one that stands fully out there alongside Blizzard.
    Holding free players to madcap limitations is also wrong and demoralizing for the free players that’s why they never stay in these games.
    Game devs need to look and see how much of a greedy bastard they are in this pandemic and when there’s hopefully a return to normality.
    And yes I have a char that’s 13 years old and is free but I do not go in the game only for a brief moment to keep alive as the restrictions for free players is a joke and does not warrant me playing these games any further.

    • When Amazon’s F2P Lord of The Rings MMORPG launches in the future, it will steal all the players from LOTRO and hopefully it will force it to either restructure to compete with it by becoming more free or offering better experience or shut down.


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