Standing Stone Games has a busy year in store for players of The Lord of the Rings Online, as revealed in today’s producer’s letter from Rob “Severlin” Ciccolini. Foremost among the company’s plans is a new story arc that focuses on the war between the dwarves and the orcs, which will kick off in late spring.

“The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves” will last the rest of the year and be free to all players. It starts with the Mists of Wilderland update, where players will join Durin’s Folk and visit the Wells of Langflood, the first step in the ultimate goal of reclaiming the ancient dwarf stronghold of Gundabad. The War of the Three Peaks arrives in the fall for players of all levels, along with a “small 12-person raid.”

In the summer, LotRO will be trying something completely new: its first Challenge League, which sounds like an experimental server with open PvP. Elladan and Elrohir, the sons of Elrond, are competing to see who would be the greatest leader of Middle-earth’s heroes. Players will be able to choose a side in this debate and earn favor by challenging heroes on the other side and completing various Deeds.

Also on tap for the summer is the much-heralded wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. This will kick off “merriment throughout Middle-earth,” which will include a new festival event and “a unique festival questing area within Minas Tirith.”

There will also be a new legendary server in the fall, with enemies that become more powerful when the Eye of Sauron is upon them. Finally, before 2020 is out, the Legendary Item revamp will be executed, with “substantial changes” coming to the system, though players will still be able to retain their progress.


  1. Larry Appleton
    You spew this crap on every mmo site you can find. Was your Ex an LOTRO player or something?
    Your points are completely unfounded. I’m pretty sure you don’t play LOTRO. Maybe you’re a dev that got fired.

    • It’s a pretty mediocre WoW clone. And pretty bad at that too. Even the fact that it’s set in Middle Earth isn’t redeeming enough.
      I tried to really get into LOTRO being free and all. I even watched the first movie just to get super hyped to play the next morning. Played for like 4-5 days, racked up about 60 hours in, only reached level 30, because I was trying to take in everything the world of Middle Earth has to offer – explore every area, look under every nook and cranny, that type of thing…

      And holy cow, this game is one huge pile of garbage:

      1. all servers are in NA, even the ones that say are for EU players, so lag is unbearable – I had encounters with mobs where we stand at each other in battle poses looking at each other for like 10 seconds before either of us takes a swing… and I have a pretty neat internet connection so this was never a problem for me before – it’s only the games with bad netcode that I have problem with

      2. the game engine is so outdated and buggy – even on an SSD, when it loads new areas, the game hiccups for a second and FPS drops to 0, inspecting a player causes the FPS to drop to 0 for a moment until the inspect window loads all the information… the x64 bit client barely improves this situation, Alt-Tab back into the game causes the whole area to re-render on the spot, forcing me to play in Borderless Window

      3. quests feel like the same mundane crap I do in WoW – go there, kill 10 spiders, collect 8 spider poison sacks, escort this idiot who got captured in that orc camp, collect 5 swamp fly wings… yeah, real adventure in Middle Earth… if only they had boosted the XP rate so one can do only the main quest and not bother with the stupid side-quest crap, it would’ve sucked less as a game

      4. every step of the way… EVERY.. STEP .. OF … THE … WAY … the game treats you like a fucking hobo – buy this, purchase that, expand your inventory, expand your gold cap, you’re a freeloader, you’re a loser, you should be worshiping the ground we walk on, because we designed this piss poor WoW clone and decied to make it free, because everyone keeps calling us (SSG) greedy and predatory

      5. combat feels like WoW, but worse – there is this delay/queueing thing where you can queue up to 2 or 3 abilities, but instead of making things faster, or easier on you, it just ends up being confusing and annoying, to make matters worse, there is a huge delay between when an ability is being execute and when you get visual and auditory feedback for that, making the game feel even laggier even though it runs at 200 FPS maxed out and about 400 FPS when all settings are on lowest… even when the servers restart for maintenance and you log in right after, before the majority of people do, it’s still laggy as hell

      I’ve even had NPCs disappear and pop out of thin air making me look through Wikia articles where exactly they are and making me think I’m at the wrong place, despite the quest markers clearly pointing the place where I’m at.

      At this point, I’m to afraid to even try DDO. I’d rather play Neverwinter Online over DDO considering how bad my experience with LOTRO was and how DDO is made in the same engine and by the same developers.

      I sincerely hope Amazon’s upcoming Middle Earth MMORPG to completely steal the playerbase from LOTRO and cause it to shut down, because this pathetic WoW clone isn’t even worth it when it’s free.


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