The Lord of the Rings Online team has dropped its February Producer’s Letter and it offers a look at plans for the rest of the year. The letter covers a variety of topics, ranging from advancing the game’s story to finally updating to the 64-bit Windows client. There’s also information on continuing to balance the game — not just classes, but the overall game difficulty.

In the realm of storytelling, the developers will continue Black Book of Mordor, taking players into the game’s next expansion. They’ll tell more of the story in the Vale before returning to Mordor and into Minas Morgul.

Balance-wise, the dev team is working to level out Mordor, keeping it a challenge for players while making it reasonable for everyone who wants to experience it. Class balance continues as well, with the Minstrel just having been updated and the Burglar set to be next.

There are also plans to improve crafting, grouping, kinships and more. Details on all of these plans are available on the LotRO site.



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