Dungeons & Dragons Online Executive Producer Dan “Severlin” Ciccolini has expanded his role at Turbine, now taking over the same position with The Lord of the Rings Online. Today he penned his first producer’s letter, giving details on LotRO’s next update and plans for the slightly more distant future.

Update 19: March of the King will feature The Last Debate and the Host of the West, where Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, and other notables decided to take the fight directly to Sauron in a diversionary move to help Frodo on the last leg of his quest to destroy the One Ring. Players will get to see North Ithilien, formerly known as “the prettiest area of Gondor” and still maintaining some of its charms despite the ravages of the War of the Ring.

For those who prefer to remain closer to home, premium housing is also in the works, with more hooks to hang your stuff, the ability to own multiple houses, and improved housing UI.

After Update 19, the team plans to take players to Dagorlad, the Black Gate, and possibly even Mordor itself, which could be coming in a full expansion. Lag in large encounters is something else the dev team is working to fix, along with upgrades to burglars, hunters, and festivals, quality-of-life fixes, and the usual round of bug fixing.

You can read Severlin’s full producer’s letter on the LotRO site.


  1. Engine needs to be remade hell its way to old now to be fun..

    honestly instead of making the next DLC make a new engine and call it lotro 2.0,,,

  2. Games with ingame housing have my thumbs up unless they are horrible games. I like adventuring or having fun in the MMO but theres those times I just wanna goto my ingame house and chill with my friends or go to my ingame house to rest not everybody want’s to adventure or hang around the hubtowns.


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