After 10 years, The Lord of the Rings Online is finally taking players to Mordor — and it’s happening this month. Or maybe early next.

You can pre-order the expansion (interestingly, on the Turbine website) right now, in one of three flavors: the Standard Edition for $39.99, Collector’s Edition for $79.99, or the Ultimate Fan Bundle for $129.99. Each edition comes with a level boost so you can get right into the Mordor action. If you want to try the new high elf race, you’ll need to purchase either the Collector’s or Ultimate Editions.

If you’ve got a lot of LOTRO Store Points — and patience — you can save the money and pick up the expansion this winter. That, and other pertinent questions are answered in the Mordor FAQ.

Don’t forget to read the fine print! An instance and raid cluster will be coming out shortly after the expansion launches, which is “scheduled for release on July 31, 2017” but might be a few days late. It’s OK, we’re sure Sam and Frodo can get by for a few more days in Mordor without any food or water.


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