Want to check out the new content in Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes? Well, go to Hel. No, I don’t mean that as an insult.

The Demon Lord N’astirh is stirring up trouble in the underworld, and it’s bubbling over into Earth. Mystic Mayhem introduces a bunch of new content, some temporary and some permanent, and the requisite new loot, much of it based around the number 1963. That’s the year Marvel introduced Limbo in The Avengers #2. 1,963 Legendary Mystic Scrolls will be added to the loot tables, offering a bunch of icons, with 63 of the scrolls having double the loot. You can also find bundles of 63 Eternity Splinters and there’s a 63% XP boost and rare/special item find bonus going on throughout the event.

As for new stuff to do, there’s the permanent Strike on Limbo adventure, available from Magik in Xavier’s Institute. Or, if you’ve got a level 60 hero (and four friends), you can invade N’astirh’s domain and take on the Demon Lord himself in Infernal Limbo. Better bring some AC.

There’s a lot more than that going on, so check out the full notes on the Marvel Heroes forum before venturing into Limbo!

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  1. after 1200 hours into this game I just don’t like the direction it’s going. it’s an mmorpg-lite. you spend hours and hours grinding and grinding for really awesome gear then BAM they hit you with new content that you have to grind another 1000 hours for to get anywhere.

    the raids are a disaster. the guilds are poorly supported. it’s just the same old same old in this game. the pvp will never be fixed after 2 years of waiting.

    think i’m just done with this game now.


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