Lucent Heart, the free to play MMORPG from Gamania, is built around the power of the Zodiac, its star signs and their unique qualities. This power is far reaching and affects every soul within the realm of Acadia, the world of Lucent Heart.

Characters begin to develop powerful abilities as they progress through the game, but sometimes a Hero needs more than just their own skills to prevail. Players can call upon the ‘Astrolabe’, an ancient and powerful force comprised of the 12 Zodiac signs, to enhance their skills and abilities.

When players enter the game for the first time, they create their own unique avatars, but they also input their birth dates to determine their assigned star sign. It is under their star sign where their own adventure begins.

Each time the player logs into the game, a “daily horoscope” appears to inform the player of their “luck” for that day. This “Zodiac System” is carried throughout the game and affects the players abilities in love, combat skills and strength, fortune and crafting.

As the player progresses and reaches certain achievements, the “Astrolabe” is awakened and awards the player with special skills, but that’s not all. Once a player reaches Level 30, the full power of the Zodiac and Astrolabe comes into force. Once a player’s ‘star meter’ is fully charged, they can transform into their zodiac form with special armour for an extra boost to help defeat even the most formiddable enemies!

To stay updated on all the latest news, and follow the game for its launch this summer and for the next Sneak Peek Beta on Thursday 28th April to Monday 2nd May, join the Lucent Heart Facebook page and follow the official Twitter feed



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