Modified chains may be one of the coolest weapon types ever conceived — especially if they’re filled with blades and pointy, hurt-y things. So it’s always cool when you’re given the option to pick them up as a skill in your favorite MMO.

Players of Mobinogi will now get the chance to take up the chain as their weapon of choice thanks to the new Chain of Destruction update. The update introduces Eiren, a new hero wielding the Chain Blade. Her skillset makes use of a dark energy known as Dorcha — which she can leech from her enemies in combat, and Bachram — which increases effectiveness while playing in a party. As for the weapon itself, it currently comes in four styles, each looking a bit more deadly than the one before.

Players who wish to master the chain blade will need to free Eiren from her prison deep inside a dungeon. It’s only after doing this that you’ll be able to awaken the spirit inside you and earn your right to use the chain.

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  1. DoucheWiche on December 17, 2017

    Hes pretty stupid then

  2. Rock on December 16, 2017

    mabinogi’s world is pretty awesome but the game to me needs a lot of tweaking, I remember the constant lag, and the old mechanics that need a rework, with a bit of improvement that game could be a hit again.

  3. nova on December 15, 2017

    how is this not dead jet

    • Richard on December 15, 2017

      Why would it be? it one of the many mmorpgss that does it right. the only true mmorpg in my eyes.

    • Rustle on December 16, 2017

      It’s Mabinogi. It’s like the WoW in anime form. This game will always be here as long as RPGs and animes are here.

    • Edeila on December 16, 2017

      Nova doesn’t like Mabinogi because he say it on YouTube comment that it is pay to win.

      • Chichol on December 18, 2017

        I mean, he’s not entirely wrong- with all the gachapons, nx spending, exchanges for gold, and whatnot you can practically buy whatever the heck you want with your wallet.

        They’re focusing more on gachapons than this garbage. lol