If you’ve been wondering what’s up with Jandisoft’s HTML5-based MMO Mad World, and perhaps why the devs have been so quiet lately, we now have an answer. As it turns out, the company is still in the process of getting things ironed out with Netmarble — who will be handling global publishing for the game.

The reason we know this is that after a lengthy period of minimal communication from Jandisoft about what’s going on with the game, someone on the forums decided to ask. It took a while to get a reply (eleven days to be exact) but eventually one of the Jandisoft staff did reply, stating that the company is currently “paused” on social media and once things are taken care of with Netmarble, players should expect them back.

Hi, there. We are at pause with social media activities including the forum because we recently started working with Netmarble who will be the global publisher for Mad World. Once things get sorted, we will return to social media. On top of that, we will probably open a new forum in the future, run by Netmarble, so this forum will be used less and less. Hope you understand.

So, it looks like it might still be a bit before communication gets back up to normal. But, at least now we know why.

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