It’s not every game that can make a splash by saying it’ll be “Standard.” “Exceptional”? Yes. “Amazing”? Sure. “Fantastic”? You bet. But “Standard”? That’s tough to write a gushing headline about.

Nevertheless, today’s news about Magic: The Gathering Arena confirms that the game will soon make use of the Standard format used in most physical tournaments of the world’s oldest collectible card game. Starting June 7, cards from the Kaladesh and Aether Revolt blocks, along with the 2017 Welcome Decks, will be added to the game, and the Standard banned list will be implemented.

Now, for something that isn’t “standard” in online CCGs. Active players will receive two of every common and uncommon card, and one of each rare and mythic rare from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, as well as “Four of 15 pre-selected cards from both card sets.” That’s a lot of cards, including some pretty valuable ones, to throw at players, but remember that Magic isn’t like Hearthstone, with its maximum of two of any given cards per deck. It’s four per in Magic, so you’d still need more to max out your decks, but this is still pretty insanely generous of Wizards of the Coast.

Other things to look forward to in the June 7 update:

  • Quick Draft will be available at all times. The set that is drafted will change each week.
  • Best-of-3 events (Competitive Constructed / Draft events) will be introduced!
  • An all-new item to the in-game store – The Welcome Bundle! For $5, players will receive a bunch of card packs and gems!
  • Updates to the matchmaking system – there will be a reset so everyone will start from scratch. From there, people will go into placement matches to determine their initial MMR and their rank badge is tied to their MMR.

    1. Damn, that generous. I am still not getting out of bronze but hey, I occasionally win. this might give me some useful cards.


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