Magic: The Gathering Arena Gets New Format Where All Cards Are Playable

The Timeless format creates a place for the game’s most powerful cards to thrive.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Magic The Gathering Arena Timeless

Probably one of the worst things about Magic: The Gathering is that in any format, players often have to give up playing their most powerful cards because they can just screw up the meta. This is even true of MTG Arena where these cards are relegated to limited formats and not allowed into the Constructed formats because, well… they’re OP.

It seems that in MTG Arena, at least, a solution has been found. The developers are introducing a new Constructed format called Timeless to the card game. In this format, all cards are playable. While this was originally covered by Historic, that format has changed into something more curated. The team likes its current status, so Timeless is the solution.

For those wondering what exactly Timeless is, it’s described as a “nonrotating, constructed format with 60-card decks” that allows any card collected on MTG Arena. It uses the rebalanced versions of all digital-only cards and the original tabletop printings of non-digital cards. It will also be the first format in MTG Arena to have a restricted list. Any card that appears on this list may only be used once in a deck. Currently, this list consists of three cards: Channel, Demonic Tutor, and Tibalt’s Trickery.

More details on the mode are available on the game’s Steam page.

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