Paradox Interactive has officially launched Magicka: Wizard Wars, the free to play wizard PvP game, today and is introducing a new game mode to go along with the official launch.

Previous players are already familiar with both the Wizard Warfare and Duel modes available in the game, but today’s launch adds a new Soul Harvest mode as an option. In Soul Harvest, Wizards play a 4v4 match where each team must reach and destroy a magical effigy possessed by the opposing team. In order to destroy the effigy’s defenses and reach the target, players must collect souls by casting deadly spells upon AI monsters roaming the map – or upon enemy Wizards. True to the on-the-fly strategies and action of Magicka, there are no lanes, last-hitting, or levels in Soul Harvest – only pure skill at spellcasting and picking the right magic for the right moment.

Magicka: Wizard Wars also has a fully revamped leveling system included in the launch. Gone are the level barriers on items in the game’s cash shop and even more changes have been made to the way you acquire and use spells, including an option to purchase “limited use” spell scrolls to try out spells before you make larger investments.

You can try the game now by downloading it from the Magicka: Wizard Wars website.

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