Magika: Wizard Wars 2

Paradox Interactive’s chaotic free-to-play PvP game, Magicka: Wizard Wars is about to be firebolted into oblivion. Development ceased on the game nine months ago and yesterday Paradox let players know that the servers would be shut down permanently in three months’ time, on July 21.

The reason for the closure is simple: money. According to Paradox:

Unfortunately though we have reached the point where we can’t economically justify to continue running the costly server infrastructure. To make things clear, these last 9 months haven’t been a money-making exercise for us (for the most part server costs weren’t covered) we simply wanted to let those of you who loved the game play for as long as was possible.

All items that could be purchased with real money have been converted to accept in-game currency. Additionally, the team will try to add whatever old content it had “collecting dust in our archives,” so players might still see a few new fun bits.

Did you play much Magicka: Wizard Wars? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the game’s direction and how the shutdown will affect you!


  1. I believe it was the controls that turned people off, sure one could spend time learning and adjusting. But you see, we now live in a world where we have many options, especially for multiplayer, and some investments people aren’t willing to put out/in. That or simple lack of advertising.

  2. 9 months ago?! well damn that answers a lot of questions, i joined like 3 months ago and everything have been suspicious even since, now i know why


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