MU Legend is getting a new support class. The Spellbinder is a psychic mage with telekinetic abilities. Think levitating swords and daggers. She boasts AOE crowd control abilities that allow her to confuse the enemy while aiding friends and is designed to be an important addition to parties.

The Spellbinder is the first new character added since the game went live in November. She’s set to arrive as part of a larger update sometime in March. Between now and then, WEBZEN will be offering players more information on the new class via a developer’s note. Players will be able to get an even better look at the concept art behind the class at this time.

In the meantime, the developers have offered up a short Spellbinder teaser video for everyone to oggle.

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  1. I stopped playing this game long ago (like 2 month ago?)

    It was getting more and more P2W as the game updates.

    I sort of expect it to be P2W already tho, since the game’s layout is designed like a Browser/ Mobile game… which 95% of those type of games are P2W.
    (but decide to try out the game since I played the original MU Online (in Chinese with pre-paid cards, IE: SUB style and non-p2w, everything is obtained through gameplay), I didn’t play the English version because after they release it as F2P, all the Wings and End Game items are now Shop only.

    What’s even worse is… at End Game, (unless you have friends to play with) people will only party up if you actually reach certain amount of Combat Power, usually 120k-130k+ and have specific builds. This means most times you’re forced to solo grind, since a lot of combat power is obtained from end game bosses, pets and wings (which pet and wings are P2W in shop)

  2. Game is very broken, on high end pc most of people playing under 20 fps when crowds, also after you max level its a 1-2 days, after week + – your bags are full and you forced to pay to play, countless pay to win items, wings and costumes and montlhy fees, ITS A PURE PAY TO WIN GAME , looks bad , everywhere goldsellers and bots who farm gold.I not believe this game live long.


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