And the award for the longest wait to launch their game on Steam goes to… Meridian 59. Okay. So I’m not 100% sure that this is THE longest a developer has waited to add their game to Steam in order to grab new players and, to be honest, Steam wasn’t even a thing when this game launched. Still, it’s a fun story.

Meridian 59 is billed as the first 3D MMO game, having launched 22 years ago in 1996. I remember the internet in ’96 and I’m not sure how “massive” the multiplayer could have been. But still, this was a thing. Of course, the game wasn’t F2P back then, that didn’t happen until later. It did manage to accumulate a following that’s kept it around this long, thanks in part to the popularity of its PvP system.

Now, like most games, Meridian is making its way onto Steam. This will give the developers access to more players who aren’t likely to go perusing individual websites to find a new (to them) game to play.

The game will launch on Steam on August 28. It should be noted that despite it launching on Steam, you’ll have to go to the game’s site to create an account before being able to play.

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  1. According to one of the developers they are working on, a way to have people launch and create accounts on steam. Still very fun and very PVP oriented due to the limited amount of guild halls (which you can raid and take over) and the different factions within the game.


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