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Not feeling sufficiently rewarded by free-to-play games on Xbox One? Microsoft is looking to change that with FREEdom Rewards, a new program for select games that will let you earn bonus loot for notching various achievements.

From now until Feb. 28, you’ll be able to earn various real-money items and bundles by referring a friend to play Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, DC Universe Online, or World of Tanks on the Xbox One.

Don’t have any friends? šŸ™ That’s OK, tenno; complete five achievements in Warframe to earn 75 platinum, a $4.99 value. Or, if you feel like taking a chance, try some Roblox and receive one entry in a drawing for every 30 minutes you play. The top prize is a 49: 4K Ultra HD TV worth $1500!

You can also earn Microsoft Rewards Credits for spending a certain amount on a F2P game every month. Check out all the goodies you can earn in the FREEdom promotion on the Xbox One site.


  1. I was never a fan of being rewarded useless points just for using their browser or services which is why I’m unsure if I’ll ever use their services or new browser but the only game I might deem worthy is maybe warframe and that is just a maybe I’m not a fan of the others I’m not even sure if I’m a fan of warframe but I haven’t checked out the goodies since they hide them behind and only accessible with a microsoft account which I’m unsure if I will make. If the goodies are that good I will likely check out the games they got one day or maybe not who knows…

    • Of course they work only in the USA I’m not suprised on that usually companies who are based in the USA that start programs like this start out in the USA first then eventually expand. But I haven’t heard word if microsoft plans to expand this rewards service to other countries.

    • Not suprised to be honest. But even if they are available to me or not I’m unlikely move to their service unless they have a good deal that catches my eye.

    • What is this comment? Its so “i dont know why im here.” If you don’t have a Microsoft account, how were you getting points? There’s no problem with rewarding users for using your services. The points are used on gift cards and free month subscriptions.

    • I agree with that dominic but rewarding users for using a search engine and a browser? I don’t think you need to be rewarded just for using such basic internet functions. Also I haven’t been getting the points yet since I don’t got one if you really got to know.

      • That’s because your not bright enough to see that the rewards program is made to bring people in to the ecosystem and reward them for doing simple things like searches. Rewarding potential buyers w/ small prizes for things they already do albeit w/ your platform over some other that they normally use is great marketing strategy. I think your just griping for the sake of it. If the program isn’t for you cool. Go see what your favorite platform is doing to bring in new and keep existing customers w/ rewards and stop hating on this one’s.

      • Oh I know why they made the program because they are losing the browser market and search engine market. They are trying anything to regain their lost consumers from 10-15 years ago. But I really dislike what they are doing reguardless what microsoft rewards offers.


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