Ubisoft’s Might & Magic: Duel of Champions online CCG will be getting a little bigger soon, with a 100-card expansion set, Sins of Betrayal, coming out on Oct. 9.

The set tells the tale of the infighting between members of the Griffin clan after the murder of Duke Slava Griffin. Each of the duke’s six heirs will get his or her hero card, with cards coming in 12-card super packs for 150 seals or 10 super packs for 1,250 seals.

In addition to the new cards, which you can see here, Sins of Betrayal will also add a replay manager, so players can re-live their best duels and learn from their defeats. Players’ first turns will also get an overhaul, with the first player being unable to draw or use his hero’s power and the second player starting the game with a Dragon Crystal, granting one free effect. Finally, sacrifices to the Eternal Pit will also be more lucrative, with players getting one Wildcard for every 1,000 gold worth of sacrifices.

It sounds like DoC is trying to be a little more player-friendly, and the changes to the first turns sound rather similar to another prominent and successful online CCG. What do you think of the changes, and are you looking forward to Duel of Champions’ new set?

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  1. I play this game since the closed beta 2 years ago and i love it.

    And no, it’s not Pay2Win. It’s a Pay2GetThingsFaster.
    You can get every card for free, only by playing duels 🙂

    This game just needs a bit more advertising, because it’s way better than HS.

  2. garbage pay to win game. and now they add even more cards so new players have no chance. no thanks. also Spectromancer is bilion times better then this game and hearstone joined together.

  3. had my time with doc during its 2nd expansion. saw no need to play further… just the same old power creep card game. although this one is better than hearthstone by light years.

  4. I haven’t played this in over 6 months or so, mostly because of that shitty update they made, i’ll probably check it out, i have a lot of hard drive space since my HD completely crapped out on me.. again.


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