Minecraft Says “No” To NFTs...Like Seriously, You Aren't Allowed To Limit Things In A Game "Meant For All"

The team posted a preview of guidelines they’ll be publishing to address the technology in their game.

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Minecraft And NFTs

Of all the games in existence, gamers might think that Minecraft is the game to add NFTs too – with players being able to have their own servers and communities. That’s not quite the case, though. While players can set up their own servers with friends, and even charge for access, the Minecraft team has strict guidelines about how to go about that. The big one is that they want players to “ensure that Minecraft remains a community where everyone has access to the same content”. NFTs are effectively the opposite of that.

The post goes on to state that in order to “ensure…a safe and inclusive experience”, the company will not be allowing blockchain technology to be used in the game client or in server applications. It’s also now allowed in in-game content like worlds, skins, mods, or other items.

As is probably expected, companies have already created NFT content for the game such as various world files and skin packs. The post notes that these, as well as any other potential blockchain-related tech like collectible NFTs earned via activities performed on a server, is not allowed. Aside from the general nature of NFTs, the post also notes concerns about their reliability.

The Minecraft Usage Guidelines will be updated in the near future. Until then, the early look can be found in full on the Minecraft site.

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Good job.
MFT and Crypto's in Simple Terms"
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