The Infinite Black — a sci-fi MMO available for mobile platforms — is headed to PC via Steam. The game consists of a single-server universe filled with thousands of players. It boasts a variety of features, including the ability to participate in Fleet vs Fleet battles.

The game’s world consists of connected sectors that the player’s ship moves between. The sectors are divided into types: “safe” — indicated as blue, pvp combat and “newbie” hunting area — grey, anything goes — black, invasion sectors — red. Players can discover both aliens and pirates while exploring, and there will be epic battles.

Like most space sims, there are a host of factors to keep an eye on, including your army of ships, stats, corporation building, and of course… making money.

Full details on the game can be found on the game’s site or on Steam.

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  1. Playing from the same character from any device? Boy if this game is any good then the guys at artix entertainment better hope AQ3D get’s popular because I’m unsure if there are any real cross platform games but if one does exist it will most likely destroy AQ3D at the rate the devs are taking that project towards which is a bad path in my opinion. But I plan to check out this game when it releases on steam if I got time.

    • I hate how windows 10 is since I can’t shut off cortana and forced updates and it’s bascially a mobile OS which I don’t want. But agreed if we can play a game from the PC or our phone with ease or a VR headset like the oculus rift then it would be awesome. But like I said about AQ3D though it’s pretty much going down a bad path the way the devs are taking it and the devs aren’t even listening to the players feedback even though they are asking for it.


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