Monster Hunter Online sure looks pretty, but just looking at the video snippets we’ve seen so far might leave you wondering if it’ll turn your computer into a heaping pile of molten slag when you try to run it. Hard to get good FPS when you’re rig’s on fire and all.

Well, now you can test your computer and see if you’ll need a fire extinguisher once you get the chance to play the game, which is currently in beta in China but is due to be released internationally. Tencent, Nvidia, and Crytek have released a hefty benchmark video that you can download here to see how your “hardwear” stacks up. The recommended system specs are:

    Windows7 64 bit operating system
    Intel Core i3 processors
    Internal storage 4G
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB or other equal video card
    DirectX 9.0C, DirectX 11

Give the benchmark a whirl and let us know how it goes! (Hat tip to my Twitter followee WadeDMcGinnis for alerting me to this.)


  1. “international for June”

    LOL… no… look at the post date “2 years ago”

    That’s June of 2013… 2 years ago… and yet… it’s not there is it?

  2. You guys need to check your sources before you use them. Your readers check their legitimacy, so should you.

    As said before, they have NOT actually said anything about releasing the game internationally.

    You guys trip up a lot, but it’s overdue for a little improvement.

  3. The article about MHO going international has been posted almost 2 years ago, there has been an official announcement by the makers that it will not go international, this game sadly will be stuck in China.

    • i don’t know if you trolling or not but ama give you the benefit of the doubt. a benchmark is a software to test how your pc can handle games. and you can download one made specifically for MONSTER HUNTER ONLINE, at the website


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