IGG’s massive 3D MMORPG has made its debut on with its traditional Chinese version released on Facebook. Currently, the team is working on the English translation for the game, so gamers can look forward to the English version of Moonlight Online soon. IGG is also determined to see Moonlight Online available in many languages worldwide in future.

As gamers enter Moonlight Online, they can choose from 3 races, humans, werewolves and of course, vampires. There are 3 classes in each race. With different backgrounds and terrains, each race has its own distinct traits and unique strengths. In this harsh and unforgiving supernatural universe, the power struggles among the three great races are as eternal as their legacies. Their adventures may mean the difference between survival and extinction for their race. The tales of Moonlight Online will bring them through a journey of discovery, investigation, mediation and finally revelation.

In the universe of Moonlight Online, a warrior’s weapon is his or her greatest ally. Every weapon has a soul that can be awakened by the Soul Cleric. Once a weapon’s soul is stirred, it will grow along with its owner, lending its unique spirit powers to the character. When the user kills a monster they will naturally earn experience and pick up loot drops, but their soul-awakened weapon will also take something from the battle, drawing upon the creature’s spirit powers. With the help of the Soul Cleric, these mysterious spirit powers stored deep within a weapon can be harnessed to grant a character amazing stat boosts and new skills. In addition, a soul can be transferred into a new weapon when the time comes. Weapon souls are eternal, even if the forms they inhabit are not. An awakened weapon soul can be transferred from one weapon to another, including all its stats and skills.

Besides the epic storyline in Moonlight Online, there is a plethora of regular in-game events that will amaze and tantalize. Gamers can party up to complete them and obtain awesome treasures together. Fascinating events such as the bubbling Traster Wishing Fountain that gives wonderful rewards can be found peppered throughout the game, so players can be assured that there will be never a dull moment in the world of Moonlight Online.

The English preview page is up now at http://mo.igg.com/


  1. I haven’t seen the movies but loved the books. The young eplpoe were talking about them and I had no intention of going there but a kindred reader of my generation told me they were fascinating. She was right. I have always been a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy fan so it wasn’t too much of a stretch. I did not find it horrible at all. I am going to rent the movies or watch on TV one of these days!

    • I’ve only seen the first movie and read NONE of the books. I always liked vampires and sci-fi and fantasy stuff, but Twilight wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. I think the first movie’s pretty good, but a while after watching the movie, I found it a little boring. I guess opinions about Twilight varies with every person.

  2. Finally…news about this game. This was suppose to be out already like…last summer -.-;;
    Took them long enough to give out updates.
    Lets hope its actually good.

  3. I went on the Facebook page picked translate and it said this
    Twilight – the first next-generation 3D epic online games, super stunning visual experience, both good and bad reproduction of vampires, werewolves, and human!

  4. LOL you all mad. That is funny. Actually Vamp, wolf, human fights date before twilight. ORiginal lore, and make some of the best games. OF course….this could not be the case. Especially when asian directors take WEstern myth. It just looks and feels strange.

    • Cool story bro..

      Ok enough with troll slang. The truth of the matter is..A lot of YOUNG people think that Twilight is the real lore of werewolves, vampires and such..The REAL myth behind them, because we don’t; teach in schools like we should.. Ahh how we fail.

    • What do you mean asian taking western myth? Vampires and Warewolves are a global myth, almost every culture had a story about beautiful people that charmed and then ate or sucked your blood or some-such and as for shapeshifters, Asia has the most extensive lore on those out of all the other areas combined. The only reason it’s considered western myth is because those are our names for those things.

      • Really Nox that’s incorrect the “beautiful” vampires are mostly a Hollywood touch the real folklore of Vampires are normally depicted as fearsome creatures who feed off the blood of mortals a vampire came into existence when a person who was wronged during there life dies and there corpse takes on a life of its own taking vengeance on any mortal who happen to come in its path the only way to “kill” one is to stab it in the heart remove the head place garlic under the tongue and pour pig fat over the corpse then berry the corpse face down so if it still wakes up it would unknowingly dig its way down to hell

        • …that’s very detailed there, something you want to share with the group? 😉

          I know that vampires as “vampires” is a western invention but I said many cultures had things that took enticing forms in order to kill or maim or some such that had the same modus operandi as vampires yet ware not called as such.

          And what’s up with you not visiting us on the forum for so long? XD

          • well right every culture has some sort of folklore having to do with vampires along with there stretched out ways of killing them lol and sorry for not being on the forms its just I’ve been busy I got a life outside of this wonderful site you know =P

        • Cool, thanks for the info. 😉
          And I have to agree with you on this one:
          “the “beautiful” vampires are mostly a Hollywood touch”

  5. Oh, a vampire werewolf theme game..Only have a small handful of those soo…Wait..Iv only played two MMOs that have that theme, so yea this game has my interest even if it falls into the more generic style MMO.


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