Full Moon: Moonlight Online: Global Re-Launches

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

Originally I was quite confused with the announcement of Moonlight Online: Global. Here it was a vampire/werewolf influenced MMORPG, yet I had never heard of it. What's more, after doing a little digging I find this MMORPG was actually originally launched in 2012 after taking quite a long time to develop. So why the reboot? The news I found on the website didn't offer much insight, but after perusing a few sites I gathered the game's original aesthetics where geared towards fans of the Twilight series of Edward and Jacob fame. It appears as though that style didnt quite work out for the developers over at IGG.

Thus, the developers decided to close down the MMO and focus on altering its art style to better match the more traditional vampire and werewolf designs. You know the original one with sharp teeth and large claws.

They actually sum up the change in style quite nicely:

Best of all, we’ve done away with all the mushiness and shininess of any tween pop movies.

Players can play as boring humans, but why would you when you can be the infinitely better werewolves and vampires? There aren't many MMORPGs these days that deviate from the standard Fantasy or Sci-fi theme so it's nice to see an MMO in a new setting. I couldn't find any indications as to whether the actual gameplay has changed, but you only need to wait till March 20th and download the game here to find out for yourself.

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Discussion (38)

Bic Boi 10 years ago
This is what took so long to develop? Seriously? Ew. Just..eww. Aesthetics aside, the combat looks so damned sluggish..ugh. This is about as exciting as Flyff..just awful.

Qjsky 10 years ago
No objection! But I still hold the point that MMO without charater-level makes me more excited. For example, Age of Wushu, EVE Online, City of Heroes...

Qjsky 10 years ago
I think this game is no challange at all! Simply follow the steps to forward? No! I quit! I'd rather play Age of Wushu.

auan 10 years ago
ahhhh there's so much new title out now, thunder kings, age of wushu, tera. i cant decide which one to start first.

HenryHT 10 years ago
It's interesting and I believe will be another sandbox hit like Age of Wushu, which many people are following now.

guab 10 years ago
I wanna say, recently comes some weird games, for example Age of Wushu, even with low configurations can we run this game. The dynamic sunlight and shade...the shaking tree leaves...everything looks awesome and amazing!

slam256 10 years ago
Tried this game and removed it five minutes after I started.

ugurano 10 years ago
when your will wow clone, play forsaken world, not this game crap here

Summer 10 years ago
The original was a Browser Only title on FaceBook, this launch seems to be a Client version. I thought the original was still up? It's still listed as up on FaceBook but I haven't tried to play for some time to know really.

I don't really see much difference in the style of the graphics. The original advertisements were geared towards Twilight people - the new ones are geared towards people who dislike Twilight, but the graphics of the game seem to actually be the same (only looking a little bit better in the client version than the browser one). It seems they only really changed the advertising and not the actual graphic style.

Other than the Werewolf / Vampire gimmick, the game didn't offer anything new or different. It was a very base game the same as hundreds of others that use the WoW type formula.

And while there are good and different ways to do PvP, this game was a pure unregulated open world gank fest after level 20. People begged for a PvE option or an update to the PvP system. They were ignored. That's a huge part of why the game failed and isn't going to do well again - IGGs stubbornness in keeping the game an open world PvP gank the lower players festival while not adding anything new, different, or fun to the genre.

Huge numbers of games have transformations. There are many better PvP games out there if they're banking on some type of PvP gankers coming to play, and there were no PvE options past 20 (and no warning before hand that that's what the game turned into). I haven't read that this client version is going to be any different.

It was somewhat unique as a Browser game back before there were many full RPGs like this in browser games but it still took up a client sized folder on your system anyway and as mentioned, wasn't that fun after 20 when it turns to gankers paradise.

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Troll some more 10 years ago
Graphics aren't nearly as important as gameplay and @Graphicswhore : Your comment about rocking a gameboy is so beyond weak. Gameboys don't have co-operative third person shooters, mmorpgs, online FPS games and the list goes on. Many people look to PC for it's variety and versatility. Sounds to me like you're just trying to justify your empty sense of gaming where as long as it's shiny it's great. You probably liked Final Hallway 13.

Graphicwhore 10 years ago
First off, if you don't think graphics matter, why even own a pc? Go rock a gameboy from 87 or bust out your Comador 64 and play some Zork. Or hell get rid of all ur rigs and just play games on ur cell. I'm sick of all these hipster nerds so hung up on retro gaming. It's 2013. If a dev team can't make a game with both amazing graphics and gameplay then they should change professions. Free to play has nothing to do with this either. For the original price of a ps3 you can build rig that can max all setting even in planet side 2. Free to play games also make a crap ton more money than p2p games. ps2 gw2 vindictus and dcuo are perfect examples. So again, that logic isnt logic at all. But then again..... Average American iq is 100 so who exactly understands this. Here, in lame mans terms..... If graphics don't matte as much as gameplay, sell all ur tech, buy a dungeon masters guide, and go live the basement dream.

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dagudman 10 years ago
It's funny seeing those scarlet blade adverts where it says 'most anticipated mmorpg of 2013'.

Oxycotin 10 years ago
It's hard leveling ?

Dust Blaster 10 years ago
Tons of mmos shall not pass through the wall for here comes Neverwinter to rape them all

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IlluminatiMember 10 years ago
Is this world of warcraft?

MelonCider 10 years ago
Forsaken World? No wait...

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Yup 10 years ago
Wow...So they originally planned on making an mmo with shiny, sparkling vampires? Huh. Well, I mean, with all of the sexual themed mmos out there aimed towards the male audience, Scarlet Blade being the most recent, throwing one geared towards women might not be a bad move. But really? A Twilight themed game? I gotta go with the guys down at IGG. It's probably going to be a better game this way. I'll be sure to try it out come the 20th.

Rawr 10 years ago

bruthsaw 10 years ago

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