You get $2,000! And you get $2,000! Everyone gets $2,000! That’s the possible outcome for the Magic: The Gathering Arena Open, which runs May 30-31 and will offer a potentially unlimited number of cash prizes — if you’re good enough, that is.

On the first day of competition, Saturday, May 30, you’ll need to pay 20,000 gold or 4,000 gems to enter the competition. Then, if you can win seven games before losing three, you’ll receive 2,000 gems and advance to Day 2 on Sunday. If you can win seven before losing three in best-of-three matches on that day, you’ll bring home a cool two grand. You can still win $1,000 for six wins, and thousands of gems for fewer. The complete prize structure is laid out in the yesterday’s State of the Game blog post.

Among the other highlights from the State of the Game were the Historic Anthology III set, which brings 27 new cards and will arrive later this week. You can get all the cards by spending 4,000 gems or 25,000 gold or unlock them using Wildcards. Cube Draft also comes to MTG Arena on June 12, and the first entry will be free. Various other topics covered in the blog post include the removal of the 32-bit client, better output logs, and schedules for a variety of events.


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