Following a successful stress test, Webzen has announced that MU Legend‘s version of Founder’s Packs — Frontier Packs — are now available for purchase. The company is offering three different packs, ranging in price from $19 to $69.

To be honest, the Silver (or $19) pack seems a little on the disappointing end value wise. For that much you’ll get a title, a set of wings, and your name in the Hall of Fame. The other two packs offer additional cosmetic items as well as useful in game items like Resurrection Stones and Recovery Potions as well as Gold or Platnium Service time (depending on which pack you buy.) Of course, if wings are really the only item that appeals to you, then $19 might not be that bad.

If you’d like to check out the packs for yourself, you can do so on the MU Legend site.

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  1. A noob on September 27, 2017

    Maybe im just an idiot but ARPG are almost like MOBAS 1% more dmg=PAY TO WIN

  2. Coolspot on September 26, 2017

    Here we go again…after a stress test lets get some Founders Pack on the way…hooraayyy!!! And for just $19 you’ll get a sooo valuable wings for….just for the sake of having some wings….yeah. Greatest bussines model for online gaming in history….and here to stay.

    • Angaar on September 26, 2017

      YAAAA!! To hell with these devs. How dare they try and get money for their work. damn creeps

      • JustMe on September 27, 2017

        The whole point of Coolspot’s comment was that they are asking 19$ for almost nothing. More than that they are reserving the right to delay the launch of OBT if they consider they haven’t sold enough packs. But i guess you are too much of an idiot to understand that or even be informed on what he was talking. After all it’s so much easier to throw a cheap sarcasm than adress the real issue.