In just a few months, European and North American players will be able to start playing Aeria Games’ upcoming Echo of Soul when the game launches its beta this spring. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the free-to-play title’s development, you already know that the game features a “soul collecting” system and “no dedicated healer” grouping mechanic.

In today’s developer interview video, we also learn a bit about the development of Echo of Soul and get a bit of an explanation about how we can expect the game to perform on most PCs. Junhyung “JH” Jung, Echo of Soul’s Global Development Project Manager, says the game took “10 teams 4 years of development and 110 developers” to create and that the game is designed to run on lower end PCs while maintaining a higher graphical standard.

Nara Kang, Chief Manager/Business Strategy, also touts the game’s high quantity of content but easy accessibility for new players.

Next week will also see the launch of a new website for the game which will drop a ton of game information and include a community hub for interested players to connect and chat about the game as it nears its beta launch. The site will be here, but keep in mind the new options described above won’t actually be live until January 21st.

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  1. Looks like a generic point and click korean mmo, why cant we have more action combat mmo’s like tera, because I don’t know about anyone else but I rather have someone with actual skill kill me, not `whoever can spam the most spells and mana potions.

  2. Quite a decent game in comparison to all that’s been released lately.
    I won’t let the fact that it’s published by Aeria bother me too much.


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