If you click on a video that has a title like “FREE UNDETECTIBLE FORTNIGHT AIMBOT!” that leads to a download link, you probably deserve whatever happens to your computer afterwards. Nevertheless, it’s the job of the good people behind Malwarebytes to seek and destroy malicious programs like this, and they went into detail regarding a recent hack that’s been getting attention (and downloads) recently.

According to a blog post on the MWB site, this software “hid a malicious file ready to steal data and enumerate Bitcoin wallets.” Unusual for such scams, rather than a survey, it asked you to subscribe to the YouTube channel hosting the video — and then only required you to navigate back to the video page and not actually sub. After doing that, you would be redirected to a site and there was the download that would guarantee your Victory Royales!

MWB classifies the program as a data stealer that sends your information to an IP located in the Russian Confederation. If you’re somehow savvy enough to read the README.TXT file that comes with it, it tells you about an amazing offer to buy even more cheats, for just “$ 80 bitcoin.” What a bargain!

Fortnite attracts a ton of people, many of them young and inexperienced in the ways of the internet, so it’s not surprising that stuff like this exists. *puts on old man hat* Back in my day, the talks parents would have with kids was about safe (or no) sex and avoiding drugs. If I had a young ‘un these days, I think the first thing I’d educate them about is how not to fall for obvious crap like this online. And no, Junior, x_SexyChrissy_x doesn’t live in your ZIP code.



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