There’s a new map and a new champion in Heavy Metal Machines!

The ominously named Temple of Sacrifice “was a holy sanctuary where humankind used to pay tribute to the dark creatures that lurked underground,” so now it’s the perfect spot to conduct some mechanized, murderous mayhem. Teams start side by side and clash almost immediately, with the losers being sacrificed to the powers that be at the end of the match. Hey, it beats having to give a banal post-game interview.

Also, Hoplon Infotainment has announced the winner of its ESL European Championship, which took place over the weekend. Russian player Kvasdopil took the honors, as well as a purse of 4,000 euros, home with him. Chances are, Kvasdopil won’t be tossing his prize into a fiery pit to appease some eldritch god.


  1. Kvasdopil is a team of 4 people (T-Bone, izymrydniy, Barssuchka and ЗВЕРСКИЙ) not a person. Do you even know what game this is?


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