New MOBA Golden Rush Is All About The Bling

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Stop us if you've heard this before, but there's a new MOBA in town! This one is called Golden Rush, and it's from Elyland, makers of browser sim game MyLand.

So what's special about Golden Rush? It looks like standard MOBA fare, but it does support four-team free-for-alls, and the goal isn't to meander down lanes fighting minions the whole time in a slow, inexorable march toward the opposing team's base. Instead, you're supposed to kill stuff to grab loot, make your character more powerful, lather, rinse, and repeat. There are six basic classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and monthly tournaments to feed your competitive vibes.

Golden Rush is currently available on Steam as an early access title, which you can play for free. You can also get a year's worth of premium access for $31.99 ($39.99 after Sept. 30), which grants you +50% gold and prestige, and +25% chance of finding an artifact -- which, if the object of the game is to collect gold, sounds like quite the deal, no?

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Discussion (10)

Bic Boi 8 years ago
A new MOBA?! No way!


Player1 8 years ago
What?!... what!??, Golden Rush is rushing to a shut down!. Not again, how much is enough MOBAS? man this is not going to end well, i mean i don't see new stuff here, huge guys wearing heavy armor and a hammer twice his size, archer women wearing almost no clothes, bone dragons, load of crap minons and a ridiculously p2w system of 40dlls, really? it's the same stuff in every moba all over again. Well, 3v3 is not going to work, at least they should've made a proper copy of LoL with 6v6 or even 10v10 players to be a little dif from the many others mobas including the ones that are gone. The instant i saw the tittle i felt like slightly crying, and just came here to relieve myself with this comment, i think someone's gonna follow DI: Epidemic real close, fare well Golden Crush!! i feel better now.

BloodyChooChooTrainOfPain 8 years ago
Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!??! This is even worse than League of Legends. If League were rather slight pay to win, this one is 10000000000000000% pay to win. Waiting for the shutdown article the next week game launches. There are already people who like it, like how hard your parents were supposed to **************************************************** (won't say it, I just won't, don't even ask) for you to enjoy a game which is so clearly pay to win. This is what kills MOBA genre. WHY, just WHY. We already have SMITE and LoL(not funny at all) which have the false MOBA ideas. Make the game which is as good as DOTA, balanced for 100%, with no metas, and no PAY TO WIN content at all, also, get the F*** out with your grind MOBAs, RPGs are doing it and dying, and if you think it will change something if you put MOBA in front of your clearly RPG game, it won't make a difference!

Neku 8 years ago
I don't even understand how you can sit, make a game...and look at it when it looks like this, give it the most boring music and sound effects possible, and go "Hm...I think it's ready. People are gonna LOVE this game." and drop this garbage trailer. I don't think this is going to bring any attention whatsoever, call it closed before it's even out of Alpha/Beta.

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Phaedros 8 years ago
I gave this game 6 hours of my time, and let me say this: It's Pay2Win Russian Garbage.

As for the actual game: It's good mechanically, and fun, but be prepared to get stomped by wallet warriors. (An example of this is my Magic Bow gives me 37ish damage per attack, whereas a Legendary Bow will give you 90ish damage per attack... and it costs $16 to buy in the shop.)

You can grind real money currency, at a Korean grinder pace, but from what I've heard, you still need about $5's worth of cash currency if a Legendary item drops in-game to keep it past the 24 hour timer that's attached (either you grind that $5 in 24 hours... good luck btw, or you pay $5 cash.)

Also, it's not new, Russian servers have been up since March, but the developers lied and said it was a brand new game, and I quote "we couldn't possibly have foreseen how the paid DLC items would have affected the game." (You could spend $40 on Day 1 to get all Legendary items for a given character.)

Recommendation: Pass until P2W is fixed.

Todoran 8 years ago
new now, shut down after 1 years... money lost time lost are this dev idiots STOP MAKING MOBAS THERE ARE 3 MAIN ONES WHO ARE SHIT ANYWAYS .... make a good damn action based coog pve/pvp whit awsome end game mmo allready

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TheEnygma 8 years ago
so incoming shutdown article early next year? :P

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