I have to admit, I kind of like these zone reveals for My.com’s upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge. We typically get screenshots and videos to showcase items in upcoming games all the time. They are nice of course, but they have the drawback of being EXACTLY what the developers want you to see at that time.

Granted, Skyforge’s panoramic views are limited in their own way, but I do like the ability to turn and zoom the image to see whatever I want to zoom in on. I particularly like focusing on small items in the distance to see what’s hiding in some of these images.

The latest panoramic showcases Alakur Island. Alakur Island was once home to one of the most beautiful temples to the goddess Ianna. Citizens would travel from all across the world to visit the temple and leave offerings to her mighty and beautiful statue. The statue stands by the sea to this day, but now the temple lies in ruins thanks to the violent creatures that have seized the surrounding land and flooded the island.

You can go exploring on Alakur Island here.

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