New Sweden-Based Publishing Company "Kinda Brave" Launches With A Focus On Sustainability

The publisher will allow indie developers to share resources and experience.

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Kinda Brave Announcement

Here’s some interesting news for everyone. Although, we should probably kick it off by saying that we don’t know what kind of games the company involved will actually be helping to produce. Every one of them could be single-player for all we know, so with that out of the way, on to the actual news.

Today, a Swedish Publisher named Kinda Brave, consisting of several veteran members of the games industry, revealed itself to the world. This company is a unique publisher with a focus on sustainability that plans to bring indie developers together to share resources and experience as they create their games. They describe their business model as “Hybrid Indie with People, Players, and Planet" – meaning that these are the core values of the company. They've even raised $6.3 million in investments to get started.

Each value is detailed in the company's press release as follows:

  • PEOPLE: While People, Players and Planet are all equally important, it all starts with People. Kinda Brave has set a focus on creating healthy and happy places of work, built on foundations of equality and inclusivity. In a collaboration with RFSL, the The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Rights, Kinda Brave is set to become the world’s first LGBTQI certified gaming company. The group has also announced its sponsorship of DONNA, a local Swedish organization dedicated to getting more women and non-binary people involved in the games industry, in part by encouraging increased enrollment in game development education.
  • PLAYERS: In the same vein of inclusivity and respect, and with more efforts to be unveiled leading up to its first releases, Kinda Brave has set out to become a trusted publisher in the community of players/gamers with disabilities, dedicating additional resources and development time to set a minimum standard of accessibility features for all its indie titles. Each studio will house an Accessibility Champion, with Kinda Brave financing their training and certification by the AbleGamers charity organization.
  • PLANET: Through mindful choices of suppliers and manufacturers where possible, reuse of old electronics and furniture and travel kept at minimum, the whole group kept 2021's total emissions to 90 tons of CO2, achieving climate neutrality through Gold Standard compensation. To reduce emissions further, the group is exploring ways to power and heat its offices with renewable energy and technology for eco-friendly game settings, targeted at lowering overall power consumption of Players.

In addition to revealing themselves to the world today, Kinda Brave also announced an initiative called Sustainable Gaming. This initiative is intended to get more members of the game industry as well as players involved in sustainability issues. Over time they plan to add more resources for people to use to the site, including educational materials.

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