New Tencent MMO "Tarisland" Looks Like An "Extremely" Similar WoW Clone According To Fans

I can definitely see it.

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Tarisland MMO

Drumming up a ton of attention within the World of Warcraft community is Tencent's new PC and mobile fantasy MMORPG going by the name of "Tarisland." Its recent announcement trailer unveiled a cartoonish art style, familiar landscapes, and even similar designs of in-game models from Blizzard's game that has fans raising their eyebrows at this WoW clone.

Tarisland wouldn't be the first to emulate much of the gameplay beats and style of WoW since its inception, but it does look eerily same-y. The trailer showed a Deathwing look-a-like landing atop the ramparts of a city and revealed giant trees sitting amid a forest reminiscent of Eversong Woods. There even was a section of the video showing a dragon riding feature.

These elements paint Tarisland as a WoW clone, according to fans. It sparked a hilarious "Huh?" from one of the founders of the Blizzard game, Chris Metzen, in response to Twitch streamer MrGM's Twitter post on how the debuting title looked "extremely familiar."

Besides being heavily inspired by Blizzard's style, we'll have to wait for further details to know more about Tencent's game.

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dysnomia 1 year ago
I don't hear these morons saying how Blizztards ripped off latest GW2.

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