New World Forged In Aeternum Answers Questions About Mounts, Solo Dungeons, and More

Are solo dungeons going to be a thing? How will mounts be relevant in New World?

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New World Forged in Aeternum 24

Game Director Scot Land and Live Lead / Senior Producer Katy Kaszynski are featured on this week's episode of Forged In Aeternum, and this week is a Q&A about all things New World.

The first question the team takes is about solo dungeons. While the team doesn't have any plans for solo dungeons at the moment, they are working on more solo content as a whole. Scot says there is more solo content coming in the next 6-9 months but nothing they're ready to talk about right now.

The party UI is on the agenda for a revamp, but nothing specific was mentioned.

One of the top priorities right now is the Ice Gauntlet hurting optimization in large-scale content such as Outpost Rush and Wars.

When asked about making mounts relevant when they arrive in New World later this year the team said that mounts and fast travel should be thought of separately. Fast travel gets you to a general area quickly, but mounts are used to get to specific areas quickly. After mounts arrive the devs will be looking at the number of fast travel points in the game and if some are no longer necessary.

The team has plans to un-vault previous Twitch drops with different color palettes in the future.

Devs are looking at changes to wards and banes in the future, but again nothing specific at this time.

You can watch the full episode of New World: Forged In Aeternum below.

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