New World: Forged In Aeternum Talks Rewards & Progression

New World devs want you to feel like you progress every time you play.

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New World Forged In Aeternum EP 28

New World wants players to be making measurable progress every time they play something, even the 100th time you run an expedition. That's the theme of today's episode of Forged in Aeternum.

In this episode, the team discusses making content last the proper amount of time and how they reward players for the time they put in. First up is crafting, where they discuss adding the Stop Watch and the Golden Scarab to the crafting system, giving players more control over what they craft. They talk about possibly adding more bind-on-pickup items to encourage crafting for more players and not having the game be a "just buy it at the auction house" game. They are trying to be more generous with self-sufficient crafters in obtaining the items they want to craft, without allowing a few crafters to take over the market.

They then dive into expedition and chest runs, knowing you're going to get some decent rewards when doing these activities. The team discusses how they think they can do better with rewards in expeditions, and how they can give players better ways to hunt the items they are looking for by controlling the scope of what is available in each expedition.

The PvP rewards for Season 2 are being amplified, with every 5th level on the reward track giving access to a dedicated drop, while level 20 will involve a named drop. They are also looking at making the rewards in line with the current meta.

This week's community question is what quality of life improvements are you looking forward to for crafting in the MMORPG? Check out the full episode below and let them know what you're looking forward to or wishing for in crafting in the video comments.

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