In A Very Weird Move, Nexon Is Doing Away With PvP In Vindictus

In just two weeks, it will be gone.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Vindictus PvP Removal

We have some unfortunate news for Vindictus PvP fans. Early this morning, Nexon announced that they are terminating the “PvP content service”. This means that on January 23, following maintenance, PvP and all content related to it will be gone from the MMO. This includes Siege Match, Arena, Deathmatch, Tournament, and Sports Day. They will also be removing NPCs, menu options, and quest lines associated with PvP. If you haven’t completed the PvP story quests before the change, you won’t be able to post update. Titles associated with the For Honor quest will be obtainable via the Ancient Title Destiny Box.

Triumph Medals are also being removed from rewards at this time. Players can spend them in the Triumph Medal for a few months, or they can exchange them for Seals of Bravery. It’s a 2-1 conversion rate. Which will work best probably depends on what items players want, as some Triumph Medal Shop items will be moved to the Seal of Bravery Shop and become daily mission rewards. Full details are available in the announcement on the game's site.

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