Ascent: Infinite Realm is no more — well, the name is, at least. The game itself will continue on, under the new name Elyon, with “Ascent: Infinite Realm” serving as a mere subtitle.

The changes were revealed in a video posted yesterday — so we’re certain it’s not an April Fools’ Day joke — and there’s also a new website for the game. It’s all in Korean, but what we’ve managed to piece together from various translations is that Elyon will have full action combat but with less of a focus on aerial fighting. There are five classes, translated as Warlord, Elementalist, Mystic, Assassin, and Gunner, and four races: Human, Elf, Orc, and a cute little animal race, because every Korean game needs to have (at least) one of those. The aesthetic is still very steampunk-y, with, according to Google Translate, “the diversification of technology due to artifacts” and “the synergy of rune characteristics and skills.”

A Korean closed beta is scheduled to begin on April 11, so if you really can’t wait to try out Elyon, there’s your opportunity. It looks like you can become an “Elyon supporter,” which gives you a shot at the beta, as well as netting you a title and a Jetboard vehicle. We’ll keep you updated if Elyon ever comes to the West, and if it does, what payment model it will be using.

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