If you’ve wanted to take a look at Onigiri, the free-to-play MMORPG by Cyberstep, in the West, you’ve had to use some online guides in the past to get the game up and running…unless of course you can read Japanese. That will all change early in 2015 when Onigiri makes the move to PS4 and XBox One according to an exclusive interview with Windows Central.

Onigiri is actually already available on the XBox One in Japan, but this move will now bring an English version of the game to both next gen consoles. This console version is also slated for release in Europe, but the timing between the European and North American versions of the game could differ.

While we don’t know a ton of information just yet, the interview does provide a few snipets of what we can expect. First, Onigiri will not be cross platform. If you play on the PC now, there will be no migration from PC to console upon release. Second, Onigiri will be available on both XBox One and PS4 but not necessarily at the same time. One console version could release before the other. Finally, “random luck” items are planned to be available in the cash shop for the English version just as they are in their Japanese counterpart.

If you’ve liked the gameplay but missed out on the story of Onigiri due to the language barrier, this has got to be good news for you. Have any of you played Onigiri at all? Tell us about it!

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  1. This game is super Pay to Win…. In game money is only used for upgrading and repair weapons, you’ll need cash to buy some gears, even trading in-game items from players… Aside from that, a huge tax is affecting the cash…. Also, this is class biased, if you’re not a spender better do support healing and mana and that sucks… Has repetitive gameplay…. Now why play this game? Coz its mmd-based japanese mmo with anime cliche? Better watch anime than play this game…

  2. Fair warning to all stay far away from the shitty company its horrifically scarred me for the last time. You have been warned. It’s worst than Nexon NA, Outspark, and Snail put together.

  3. I remember playing this sometime around april. If I recall correctly this game makes you grind a lot and xp is very little from monsters so you’ll have to re-run dungeons over and over and over again.

  4. Isn’t this that game that has no trading EXCEPT for shops..and the only currency that can be used in player shops is the cash currency? Yeah…..I uh..I don’t see this lasting on consoles. Hell, when I found that fact out I gave this game the flaming finger of freedom and uninstalled a moment later.

  5. I played the game for a few days but eventually ended up leaving because it is a serious grind-fest. For some reason the genius developers decided to make the western version even MORE grindy than the Japanese version, which is a complete reversal in game localization, one that is on Bizarro World-level lunacy. This was probably done in order to sell more xp-gain potions, but whatever the reason it’s utterly dumb. It’s a shame because what’s there is really fun, but I don’t have months to spare on grinding through countless enemies just to get to mid-levels.

  6. i played onigiri and the combat need ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of work the story is meh…. even tough everything is voice acted the story was rly nothing groundbreaking. you will also run into alot of lvling walls wich makes the game trully boring servers are complete crap. the graphics crap,combat is floaty as hell, laggy game, meh story..

      • i know graphics is not everything but atleast put some effort on it i mean jesus
        the story in this game is not that good its typical “you are the only hero” BS

        the game mabinogi wich was released in 2004 got a 100X better story than any mmo combined.

    • HAHA! Nope, that’s just what happens when your face is in the sun all summer but your arm isn’t since you wore a lot of button down shirts! 🙂


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