An undead mage who gets more powerful as the match goes on is the main attraction of Orcs Must Die! Unchained’s ghoulish October Update 1.6. So why does an crotchety undead mage fight? Hey, if your body had been dug up and your soul ripped from the hereafter, you’d be cranky, too.

The Ancestor’s Ghost Link ability is his key to dominance. Every time something dies near him, he gains a bonus to his health pool — small if it’s a minion, and larger if it’s a player. Most of his other skills are health-based as well, including a main attack that heals the Ancestor when it does damage and an AOE centered on the Ancestor that heals allies and damages enemies based on how much mana he has. It’s easy to see how nigh-invulnerable the Ancestor could get in the late game if he’s well-protected early on.

The update also has a new map, the Highlands, a three-lane map described as “An underground mining path, a lovely river winding through, and an imposing set of Fortresses [that] make for a game with a much larger scale,” and the standard Cliffside Clash map is getting all spookified up with a Halloween-themed makeover. Finally, five new skins are being added to the game, with two of them — Frightfully Delightful Sorceress and Scared-Crow War Mage — being free to everyone.

You can read the full update notes here.


  1. Honestly, this game is very very pay to win.

    The game has a very good concept to it, but when you get down to it you can buy direct power upgrades that make you unstoppable, as well as minions that are very hard to kill for the enemy team.

    This game will never succeed due to it not being a direct $20-60 purchase, the payment model makes it impossible to pull off, because it’s basically a giant con.

  2. There are few players in the server.
    You can wait up to 30-60 minutes to get into a game, extremely frustrating.
    Slow queue; Afkrs; No balanced teams = BG
    Actually is just… kinda boring. :/


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