The latest Closed Beta patch is out for Hi-Rez’s team-based shooter Paladins, and aside from the usual fixes and tweaks, they’ve added Challenge Matches and an Experimental Queue.

Challenge matches can be accessed via the main play screen. To enter a challenge match, you’ll need to be the leader of a party of five. Select the Challenge queue, enter a game name, and select a server. Once that’s done an opposing party can select your game from the queue, starting the match.

The Experimental Queue adds two new, more casual modes to the game:

Assault Mode: Instead of having to capture points, Siege Engines will continually spawn, alternating between teams.
Capture Point: There’s no Siege Engine or push phase. Instead, teams will fight each other to be the first to capture five points.

Fixes and small changes also dropped with Patch 11. For a full list of changes, head over to the Paladins forum.

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  1. Todoran on December 29, 2015

    TF2/Overwatch whanabee and not even as fun as them.

  2. Mern on December 26, 2015

    Complaining about a beta. 1400 comments on the beta key giveaway with 100 keys. LOL

  3. Eviil on December 25, 2015

    I had two beta keys for about a month now and I just started an hour ago. Uninstalled after one match. This comes from a person who isn’t picky about games.

  4. BurDemBOddies on December 25, 2015

    Game got some ways to go for a lot of people. I do like it but you can only do so much capping and so much siege over and over again. I do like it but there needs to be 3 or 4 more other game modes to go with this game and also it wouldn’t be so bad to have some modes where you can play same person more than once kinda like how some other games do it, but considering its a moba based game I don’t think that will happen.

    • Mern on December 26, 2015

      Sounds like you got your ass beaten and lost all hope because you are a salty loser :3

  5. PandaStick on December 24, 2015

    I got this for free and still feel rip off

  6. 9reen on December 24, 2015

    I was so hyped about this game and once I was ingame, its really boring !! i cant play 2 games in a row, I always exit the game efter i have done 1 game.

  7. FTK on December 24, 2015

    Got to play this game like a week ago, was hyped, but once in game it really is boring, well characters are good but skills kinda sucks and the attack ughhhhh….

  8. Hytek on December 24, 2015

    Paladins is really boring as it is right now so hopefully these new modes can spice up the game some.

  9. ff on December 23, 2015

    This game is boring already

  10. Cloak on December 23, 2015